Focus On A Niche

ugly house sign- irenediamond

“Focus On A Niche”
“There are riches in niches”

” The money is in the niche”

You’ve heard it before, about the importance of having a niche … but is it true?
The simple answer is yes.
Specialists will ALWAYS earn more money than generalists.

Now, when you focus on a niche it doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t do well by working with all sorts of people, but when and if you choose to zero in on your favorite dream clients (the people you get the best results with and have the most fun with) life is so much easier! (and lucrative!)

Look at this picture that I snapped on my way home the other day. It was up on a bill board near my office.ugly house sign- irenediamond

Do you see how the Ugly House sellers absolutely know who their target market clients are?
It’s people with ugly houses to sell!

Do they lose out on clients who have beautiful homes? Sure they do. But the people who have old fixer-uppers know these guys are the go-to Realtors for their house.

Diamond Brilliant Tip:
Notice they didn’t say “inexpensive” houses… so their clients will still generate commission for them when they sell their ugly house.

You want your niche (dream client) to look at you and see you are the exact, perfect match for them!


So… what will it be? Will you pick a niche and focus on building your Ugly Houses (I mean) dream practice full of your ideal, dream clients?

Or will you be a generalist and try to attract anyone and everyone?

Share your ideas below.


About the Author Irene Diamond

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  • You are absolutely right, Irene – when you become an expert in a niche, and become recognized by other professionals, you will be the go-to referral person. Patients will come from all over!

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