San Francisco, California

I'm on a mission to show clinic owners and therapists how to:
• Make a Ton Of Money
• Have Lots of Free-Time, AND
• Provide Brilliant Clinical Results to Patients & Clients.

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Hello Brilliant Therapreneur!
It's Irene here ~ and I'm hosting an intimate, private Business-Success event designed SPECIFICALLY for you!

Are you a down-to-earth, smart, heart-filled massage therapist, dentist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, personal trainer, fitness instructor, or other solo or practice owner or CEO thera-preneur?

If you are -- Keep reading!

These Design Your Dream Practice events are very intimate with only 8-20 people in each little gathering. I actually don't let 'just anyone' register... instead,invitations are extended by application only.

I speak with you first, prior to enrolling, to be sure it's a smart move for you and for me to have you attend a "Design Your Dream Practice" private training.

Imagine what your business would look like if YOU had me in your pocket!
Will you design your dream practice?

Learn to run your practice smoothly

You know that the therapeutic services you provide are the best out there, now stop struggling to 'convince' clients you services are worth your fees!

Let set-up standards, systems and expectations for your clients that reflect your Precise Private Practice®, so you can provide the Precise results your Precise dream clients want and need, in the Precise style, manner, and structure YOU want, so you can design and have your dream practice.

Discover how to set your schedule that works for your lifestyle

Don't let your clients dictate YOUR schedule anymore. Irene can help you set up the necessary systems so your clients scramble to book appointments weeks in advance and work around your available time. (not the other way around.)

Explore the 'secrets' to live the life you've always dreamed

You provide brilliant clinical results your clients expect, and with Irene Diamond's support, you will get the 'secrets' most people don't even have a clue about that will set you above and beyond everyone else. Learn what it takes to live an abundant life with much less stress, more financial profits & more free time.

Show your confidence and gain the respect you deserve to charge high fees that show your ability & expertise

We know your time is valuable. You've studied and attended seminar after seminar. You've got a ton of CE hours under your belt. But now you can learn very quickily, what took Irene almost 30 years to learn through her mentors, coaches and the 'school of experience'. She will help you set up your practice & show to confidently charge the high rates that reflect the results you get for your clients so they easily pay you, without barganing or bickering. In fact, they will happily pay you AND rebook while referring friends and colleagues.
(You can make a ton more money when you learn how to offer your services so you are not only charging by-the-hour.)

Be the best Thera-preneur you can be.

More Dream Clients ~ More Revenue ~ More Happiness!
Get the Keys to Success

Get in the Drivers Seat

It's not about selling a new technique or taking another procedure class, it's about your clients seeing the brilliant results you can help them achieve.

Avoid the Struggles

Simple yet BRILLIANT Ideas

Learn first hand how to avoid the same mistakes most practitioners make and set your practice up for brilliance!

How to Attract Dream Clients

Your Practice can be on Cloud Nine

Learn how and where to find your dream clients who you really want to help and need what you offer. (You CAN limit the nightmare clients :) )

Be the 'Go-To' Therapist in Town

You Set the Schedule

Get the insight into how to be the talk of the town and have them change their schedule to get in your appointment book!

About Me: Irene Diamond, R.T.

Like so many of you, I began my practice in San Francisco, fresh out of massage school, with nothing but my excitement (and pig-headed determination)!

I had a home-made, second-hand table, bought my sheets from the Goodwill and had to build my reputation and success from the ground up,  through hard work and word of mouth.

My goal (at the time) was to ALWAYS be as booked-solid as I could be!

Irene Diamond Design Your Dream Practice

A full book of appointments was how I thought I could help as many clients and patients as possible, and make as much money as possible. And, because I learned to be good at sales, I was able to get my appointment book filled and within 8 months, I was making about $8,000 a month! (back in 1988!)

But, by the end of each 12-hour day I was so tired I could barely get up the 3 flights of stairs in my 'walk-up' apartment.

 I was exhausted, but felt satisfied that my business was so successful and the envy of all my fellow massage school students.

Since over 80% of solo therapist businesses fail, burn-out, or struggle to survive, I saw myself headed in that same burn-out direction until one day I realized what my goal really should be, instead of being booked-solid!

Instead of thinking I wanted the generic: “Get as booked as possible!" I changed it to be “Get booked with my DREAM clients, charge premium rates, & work ONLY when I want to work!” 

In other words, I realized it made much more sense to ONLY see the clients I KNEW I could help get results. It made me much more happy to work ONLY on the days and times I liked to work. AND, it made a ton of sense to work PRECISELY with clients and patients who I enjoyed working with!


I uncovered what I refer to now as operating a Precise Private Practice®, rather than an Open To The Public Practice™.

And now, many years later, I WANT TO TEACH YOU HOW TO RUN YOUR PPP, TOO!

My practice has evolved to one filled with ease and grace, generating each month much more than most therapists make in an entire year.I now only take 3-4 appointments a day and only work 3 days of the week with the PRECISE clients I am meant to serve. (The other 4 days a week I either work from home, or play with my kids or friends, have time to work out or simply spend with my husband having leisurely lunches or hanging out at home or in our pool.)I'm not telling you this to brag -- I'm telling you to inspire you as to what might be possible for you, too!I know I have to get the secret of a PPP out to you and other therapists. I want you to get booked with your dream clients and only work when you want to work! 

Since 1995, I have been successfully running San Francisco's First wellness center, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness. I am a clinical Exercise Specialist and Movement Therapist along with being a biz coach and have mentored hundreds of other practitioners to build thriving practices too. As the creator of the rehab method, "Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method", I know what it takes to struggle in biz... but I also know what it takes to thrive in biz from both the business side as well as the clinical side of insuring our clients and patients get brilliant therapeutic results!Over the years I have made ALL the mistakes You Will (or have) Made!Now, after learning the easier, more graceful way, I've written hundreds of educational resources, taught business-success classes, and provided seminars and content for professional organizations such as the American Massage Therapy Association, The World Massage Festival, World Massage Conference, Massage Nerd, ABMP Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Today's Women in Body Work Blog, Skin Care, Walking Magazine, and many other associations and groups.

The prestigious ADVANCE Magazine for Physical Therapists featured me and The Diamond Method as a viable therapeutic method, and I am often asked to be a guest author and quoted in many professional journals.

I have been asked to speak at events, classes, and seminars all over the country for large and small groups, and I've taught therapists all around the world virtually over the internet.

My passion is in working with a very small group of therapists at a time to be able to hand-hold you to see your own success. I invite you to apply to attend one of my private, intimate small group training events where I will share my secrets to designing your own Precise Private Practice® dream into a reality!

Robin A. Doerr  ~ Body and Soul Spa Retreat

Working with Irene has done many wonderful things I would not have done before: A former house call client asked if I would consider coming over 2 times a month and I quoted double my normal fee, asked for a six month commitment and had them buy a table so I wouldn't have to lug it over every week. They were happy to do all of the above!

Our overall sales are up since the coaching!

My confidence is up and have had 4 LMT's ask to rent space part time in the past 2 weeks as my business is now thriving and people see it!

Destiny Toro ~ Destiny Toro Massage Therapy

Gaining 1-2 new clients per week vs 1-2 new clients per month is extraordinary to me!

Most of the progress is in how I'm believing in myself and my business. I've been able to refine and articulate what it is I do and what I love, and this has increased my confidence exponentially. I can't explain how valuable this has been to me.

Again, thank you, Irene; you've done a great job with the program!

Leslie A Young, PhD ~ Vice President Communication, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Editor-in-Chief, Massage & Bodywork Magazine

Irene Diamond is a special combination of charm, energy, intelligence, and positive intention. She's the ultimate professional whether she's consulting on business matters, scripting an in-depth article to be featured in our magazine, or working with her therapeutic clients.

Mike Hinkle ~ Founder of World Massage Festival

We were so impressed with Irene Diamond's expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm, that we invited her to teach at the 2011 World Massage Festival. Accolades from her classes have garnered her teaching spots in at least 2 future festivals.

We are also proud to honor her as an inductee to the World Massage Hall of Fame 2013 in recognition of her contributions to the massage industry.

I encourage you to join Irene Diamond for what is sure to be professional, intriguing, and educational.

Adam Urbanski ~ Millionaire Marketing Mentor
Marcia Weider ~ Founder, Dream University

Is a "Design Your Dream Practice" event right for you? 


    • You are ready to put in the effort to make the changes you need, to finally see the success you dream of.
    • You are tired of hearing "I'll call you" or "I can't afford it" and you're ready to take full control and initiative of your business.
    • You're skilled, but need confidence to sell your services and charge what you know you're worth.
    • You're looking for down-to-earth and authentic methods to run your business, helping your clients achieve their goals while having your Dream Practice.

    • You're already doing well -- just want to make even more money, have more free time, AND work ONLY with your Dream Clients!


    • You're not ready (or able) to commit to attend and you'll forgo your full potential and prefer to wait.
    • You're okay with being "just another therapist" and uninterested in being the 'go-to' therapist in your city who everyone wants, needs and loves!
    • You're not looking to implement new and proven successful strategies to help your business thrive.
    • You're content with continuing to 'play the same game' and & provide your client's with the same basic clinical outcomes.
    • You're no fun, whiny, and a Debbie-Downer. (No thanks!)
You're Protected by my "Make Back the Investment" Guarantee!

I am EXTREMELY confident in the strategy, concepts and advice I teach. I know they hold tremendous value and can literally double your business revenue AND your time off. It has happened with many other practitioners, so I know it 'works'. When you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a business-transforming experience.

My goal is that you generate new revenue to earn back your investment in this program within 30 days - or AT LEAST within 6-months (many people make their tuition investment back within 1-3 months!)

My guarantee is simple: In the training we will cover how to generate at least your initial investment into this training, back and then you'll be able to repeat that each and every month you apply the strategy and Diamond approach into your practice.

There are no refunds -- I ONLY want you to enroll if you're 100% committed. YOU CAN DO THIS! I will help you!

What Will You Get at DYDP?

Intimate Coaching & Training with Irene

You, me and no more than a small group of other, hand-selected practitioners and clinic owners will meet together for the training.

Enjoy dedicated attention from me while you Design Your Precise Dream Practice in a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere, while being treated like the brilliant star that you are!


Valuable Sales Training 

(Instant access as soon as you pay: valued at $1000)

Once you're registered, you'll receive access to Irene's valuable "TRUTH Selling System™" audio pre-training, to turn new 'looky-loos' into $1000 clients!

Listen, learn and apply the TRUTH system to get started making more money and helping more clients, right away, even before you attend the event.

San Francisco

Next Date To Be announced...get on the waiting list by applying here.


Irene Diamond's "Design Your Dream Practice"


San Francisco, California, USA


If you are traveling, please arrive the day prior. You can fly into SFO or OAK. Both airports provide transport into the city via BART or paid private shuttle bus 30 - 45 minutes from downtown SF

Event Hours:

9:00am - 6:00pm each day.

We begin by providing you with a nice healthy breakfast at 8:30 am.  And you and 1 guest are welcome to join us for dinner on the second night at a fancy S.F. restaurant.


We can help arrange a hotel or lodging. DYDP event details will be released once you register and are accepted into the event.

Special Guests:

If space is available, you may invite colleagues to apply to join us as well.

Ready To Take Your Practice To An Even MORE Brilliant Level?

(Space is extremely limited per event + by application and invitation only)

I will personally speak with you either before you register or once you've enrolled below. My goal is to be absolutely sure the DYDP event is perfect for you, the other therapreneurs in the group, and for me. If you've paid your tuition and for whatever reason either you or I feel attending the DYDP is not a match, you will receive an instant full refund.

(To speak with me and see if this is a good fit for you, call my office at 415-921-1290 and let my team know you would like to join the 2-day, "Design Your Dream Practice". They will arrange a time for us to chat.

Choose Below

Design Your Dream Practice 2-Day Gathering

$2000 - $3000

  • DYDP 2-Day Gathering
  • Confidence to Design Your Dream Practice
  • 4 healthy, nurturing meals:
    (Breakfasts & Dinner)
  • Mastermind with like-minded thera-preneurs

  VIP Program: 2-Day Gathering   Plus: 1-to-1 with Irene Diamond


  • Everything in the DYDP 2-Day Training
  • Business Building phone support call, with Irene Diamond 1-to-1 prior to the event to work on your important concerns to get your biz successful right away.
  • Full Day VIP meeting 1-to-1 with Irene after the event.


Answers to some frequently asked questions about the event:

How do I know if this is right for me ?

What happens next?

What if I have more questions that are not listed here?

$2000 - $3000
2 Full days PLUS 4 meals & Lots of FUN!