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Dream Practice Mastery Academy ~ What Is It?



     You Need Answers. You Want More Simplicity. You Deserve More Money.

    DPMA is a private, very intimate invitation-only coaching group, hosted and led by me, Irene.

    The simple goal of the program is to support therapists and wellness practitioners to Double their Income, Double their Time-Freedom, & Double their Happiness, all while providing the most brilliant clinical results for clients and patients!

    We have fun, while getting down to the biz of running a wellness biz.

    Don’t you want to actually enjoy your biz, rather than feeling like your biz is causing you more stress?

    You’ll get serious, non-traditional biz-growth strategy.
    Big support is right around every corner when Irene shares what has worked for her in her private practice, her San Francisco based Pain Relief & Wellness Center and for the hundreds of thera-preneurs she’s coached and mentored over the years in cities across our country, Europe, Australia, Canada and Egypt.


    You may request to have a brief conversation with me to see if membership in the Dream Practice Mastery Academy would be right for you to finally design (& have) your dream practice.

    We only open enrollment a few times a year.

    Click this link to request a chat with me!

    I will teach you so you everything I know about ​designing and running your incredibly successful solo or small clinic practice.

    The Dream Practice Mastery Academy Program covers:

    1.  Pillar #1: Your Rules: Policies / Exceptions / Implementation 
    2. Pillar #2: Your Rates: Single session / Multiple sessions / New Client rates / Insurance Rates / Gift Certificates 
    3.   Pillar #3:Your Programs: Series / MMM / Premium Programs ™ / Premium VIP 
    4. Pillar #4:Your Tithing & Charity: "We Give Back" Program™ / Volunteer / Donation / Scholarship 
    5.   Pillar #5: Your Partnerships: Joint Ventures / Health Care Providers / Colleagues 
    6. Pillar #6: Your Referral Programs: Within your clientele (in house) / Other businesses (external) 
    7. Pillar #7: Your Marketing Material: Do you need?Business cards / Website / In House Material / Correspondence 
    8. Pillar #8: Your Advertising: Online Paid / Off line Paid (If needed - As a Precise Private Practice, you do not need much marketing)
    9. Pillar #9: Your Marketing Plan: (As a Precise Private Practice, you do not need much marketing)
      Lead Generation / Promotions / Specials / Holiday 
    10. Pillar #10: Your Expert Positioning:Become the "Go-To" / Methods to Become Well-Known / Your Unique O.W.N. I.T. System™ / Specialization / Niche 
    11. Pillar #11: Your Brand Identity:UAC™ / Target Dream Client Specialization / Logo / Facility 
    12. Pillar #12: Your Systems:In House Front desk / In House back office / In House treatment room

    Pillar #12: Your Systems: Front of House / Back of House / In Your Therapy Room
    Pillar #11: Your Brand Identity: UAC™ / Target Dream Client Specialization / Logo / Facility
    Pillar #10: Your Expert Positioning: Become the "Go-To" / Methods to Become Well-Known / Your Unique O.W.N. I.T. System™
    Pillar #9: Your Marketing Plan: Lead Generation / Promotions / Specials / Holiday
    Pillar 8: Your Your Advertising: Online Paid / Off line Paid & Satisfaction Guarantee
    Pillar 7: Your Marketing Material: Business cards, Website, In House Material, and Correspondence
    Pillar 6 - Your Referral Programs: Within your clientele (in house) / Other businesses (external)
    Pillar #5 - Your Partnerships: Joint Ventures, Health Care Providers & Colleagues
    Pillar #4 - Your Volunteer work, Charity Contributions, Donations, Scholarship, & "WeGiveBack"TM program
    Pillar #3 - Your Programs: Series, Packages, Programs & Memberships
    Pillar #2 - Your Rates- 6 categories (Pillars of Service Offerings) of rates & How to set them.
    Pillar #1- Policies, Implementation, & Exceptions
     Educational Live & Virtual Program Access, Extra Bonus Products and programs, documents, templates, files, and resources.


    DPMA Educational Program, Instructions, Specifics & Details may be discussed.

    Apply for acceptance into Irene Diamond's Dream Practice ​Mastery Academy.

    ​Contact us here