What Does YOUR Dream Practice Look Like?

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    What Does YOUR Dream Practice Look Like?

    Have you ever really thought about creating your dream practice, rather than ‘just letting it happen”?

    Most practitioners actually just open their doors and don’t really plan out what and how they want their practice to be…they just let it morph on it’s own.

    I was the same way when I started my practice.
    I thought I wanted to work with professional athletes, and I knew I wanted to work in my own private practice…but that’s about as far as I went on planning!

    (No business plan, no marketing plan, nothing!)

    Now, as a biz mentor and coach, I actually teach practitioners to play an active role in the development of their practice.

    In my Dream Practice Mastery Academy, we break down creating your Dream Practice into 3 aspects:

    1. DREAM
    2. DEFINE
    3. DESIGN

    You can do the same!


    Today, I have the opportunity (again) to re-define & re-design what I want my practice to look like.
    (My office manager is leaving so it’s a clean start again.)


    There are milestones throughout any business where we have the wonderful opportunity to re-create our businesses. You can have anything you like!

    Questions to ask yourself:

    1. How many hours do I want to work ON my biz each week?
    2. How many hours do I want to work IN my biz each week?
    3. How much revenue do I want my part of the business to generate each week?
    4. How much revenue do I want the wellness center to generate each week?
    5. How do I accomplish the income generation? (Do I hire other practitioners? Include Product Sales? Create Group Programs? Rate changes?)

      Once you have that “Dreaming” down, you will begin to Define it and then the fun part is to Design it to be the exact way you want it!

      Please, take the time now to do this — for YOUR sake, your family’s sake and for your client’s and patient’s sake!

    Is your practice exactly and precisely how you want it?

    Does your practice allow you to work the hours you want, take the days off you want, and make the money you want?

    I’m happy to help you start this 3-step process of Dreaming, Defining, and Designing — just post below and let’s get going!

    When you’re ready for my help, reach out to me here so we can move you ahead, fast!

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