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Are you creating disgruntled potential customers?
I am one… of the glass companies in my area.

Here’s my story.
(The reason I’m sharing this with you is because you may be creating frustration with your potential clients too.)

So, sitting at home this morning, on Saturday and believe it or not, I’m looking through the yellow pages for a glass company that is open with someone to pick up the phone and speak with me.

(internet has been down for 3 days, which of course causes frustration to begin with for me and my wonderful relationship with the internet company, but that’s NOT even the story!)

I am re-decorating our Wellness Center (after 15 years it’s a little shabby.)

We got this antique side-board you see in the picture, and had it painted white.  I want to put a glass top on it so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged if someone spills their tea.

So, I need some price quotes.

Call the first company. No answer.

Call the second company. No answer.

Call the third company. No answer.

I find only 2 glass shops out of all of the ones I called that are open on Saturday. (and they actually close at 3:00!)

That’s crazy to me that not more shops are open. I’ve got to think I’m not the only one doing chores on Saturday!
(What happens if someone breaks a window or a glass shelf over the weekend and want to get it taken care of before Monday?)

So, obviously I gave my business to one of the shops that I was able to speak with. They made the sale, the others missed out on my business.

Any hoo – this brings up my analytical business mind. If you were in the glass biz, I would advise you to seriously consider being open one or better yet, over both days of the weekend. (The two shops I found open were also only open on Saturday and not Sunday.)

The smart glass owner would promote the heck out of being open on the weekend, because that would be one of their UACs. (Unique Appeals To Clients) AND, they would put “Open Weekends!” in big letters, prominently placed on their marketing (website, yellow page ad, etc.)

If they were open both days of the weekend, they would capture market share for all of the people (like me) looking for service over the weekend.

How Does This Relate To You?

If you want to set yourself apart in your area, You can do the same thing. Research when the majority of your competition is open and fill the void for the other hours.

(For those of you who know the international chain of health clubs called 24 Hour Fitness, that’s how they grew so fast — they were open all night long for all the people who got off late from work, or worked the midnight shifts, like restaurant people, hospital shift workers, etc. They filled that niche)

Consider if  “doing the opposite” might work for you, whether it means working late at night, over the weekend, or even starting super early.
You can conduct a simple survey to ask your current clients if they might prefer seeing you at a different time of the day or week. Pay attention when booking clients if they ask you if you are available at times that are now outside your available hours.

Obviously, I’m a big believer of designing your dream practice, so if they want appointments at 8:00pm and that time doesn’t fit your life-style, don’t do it. BUT, it might be an opportunity to bring on other providers to fill the hours to accommodate your client’s needs.

What do you think about ‘doing the opposite”?
Might you be switching the hours you see clients. Leave your thoughts below…

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Nguyet says:

    I am open on Saturday half day and it helps fulfill the very busy schedule of my retired geriatric clients. Thanks for writing about this.

  • Debi says:

    Perhaps many of the glass places are mom and pop and they can’t or don’t want to work weekends. Could be they can’t find competent/dependable folks to work weekends, or historically haven’t had enough business on weekends to be open. I’m in massage therapy school at the moment but have worked in a variety of offices and shops the past 35 years. While it would be great to always be open when a customer needs/wants our services … it’s just not humanly possible for a variety of reasons. If it’s possible to serve folks on those non-traditional schedules, it’s great … but not everyone can … as you pointed out.

  • From a purely speculative point of view, the first thing that comes to mind is, perhaps the others have religious reasons for being closed on weekends. I know that’s the case with ChickFilA, and why they’re closed Sundays.

    • Irene says:

      Good point Andre. In many European cities they still have laws that prohibit being open on Sundays.

      • Kathleen says:

        i have a standing rule with my clients that I am open all day saturday and will open on sunday if that is when they need to book with me. I ask that they call on sat or I will not open but My business phone is my cell phone so if a new person calls and asks to come in if I am available I will… not many calls for sunday but I have had a few

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