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To help raise money for this recent devastating situation in
Houston, TX, USA,
make a Donation of $50 (or more) & receive 1 of my expert interview trainings as a Thank You for helping all our friends who have been affected!

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Vivian Madison Mahoney
Intro To Insurance Billing

(Ignore the 'dings' you'll hear on the recording!)

Grab your CD recording of our "Intro to Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists"
with Vivian Madison-Mahoney and Irene Diamond

You'll learn:

  • Who you must speak with at the insurance company before you can start billing
  • How to verify if your client has coverage
  • Why you absolutely need to know the difference between verifying coverage and authorizing payment
  • What CPT codes are & what they are used for
  • Why a Dx code is needed and who to get it from
  • Which types of insurance are best for you to start with
  • What types of forms to use and what else to mail in to get paid
Felicia Brown
How To Network for More Clients, More Referrals & More Money for Your Successful Therapy Business

Felicia Explains...
  • Three keys to making every networking opportunity a success

  • Discover the hidden group you should be networking with

  • How to overcome the fear of meeting new people at networking events

  • Learn why and how networking with your competitors is a good thing

  • Putting social networking and in-person networking together for better results

Find out Strategies to …
  • How to turn Networking into More Client Relationships, More Referrals and More Revenue

Laura Allen
How To Run a Successful Massage Business

Laura Explains... • The Biggest Mistakes Massage Therapists Make

• Favorite Marketing Tricks

• Effective Telephone Tips

Find out Strategies to …

• Choose Advertising Wisely

• Maximize Your Internet Presence

• Get Clients Back in the Door
Susan Salvo
Strategies For Creating Your Dream Job

Listen in as Irene Diamond gets Susan Salvo, one of America's most successful Massage Therapists to share her secret strategies to help you decide and design your 'perfect scenario'.

On this TeleSeminar, you will learn:

2 Quick Questions To help You Decide If You Should Work Solo, in A Group, or For Someone else

Winning Tips to Land a Job in a Spa, Chiropractic or Rehab Clinic

How to Write & Present a Compelling Proposal

The 3 Key Steps to Create a Win-Win Arrangement With A New Landlord

How to Get Your Massage Into New Business Locations

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