Dan Kennedy Rules For Massage Therapists

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    Want to know Dan Kennedy Rules For Massage Therapists?

    Unless you’re a marketing junkie like I am, some of you might not know who Dan Kennedy is.
    (He is considered by most people in the marketing, copy writing world to be one of the best. He is an author of over 15 books, and is famous as a coach and mentor with small businesses in all industries.)

    I want to share some of his teachings with you today. They make sense, and really do make a difference when you apply one (or preferably, all) of them into your biz.


    Here are 5  of his “No B.S. Rules”:
    (I suggest you see what you can incorporate into your practice and leave us a comment below which ones you are already doing and which ones you’ll start doing>)

    (The following is taken directly from his work, slightly edited by me to apply to our industry)
    1.  There will always be an Offer or Offers.
    Nothing will appear as an ad, be sent in mail or email or otherwise represent your business without presenting an Offer.  (Check the Yellow Pages, for example, and you’ll find plenty of expensive ads giving name, place, phone and  “what we do” but no offer.)
    Look at your marketing pieces and see how you can insert an offer.


    2.  There will always be a Reason to Respond Now.
    Create sense-of-urgency, so people respond rather than set aside, delay, procrastinate, or forget.
    Learn to create Multiple-Response-Reasons copy and offers and use them often.


    3.  There will be Clear Instructions on How to Respond. A common mistake is leaving vague exactly what it is you want the prospective customer, client or patient to do. You will be clear, direct and emphatic.  (This entire structuring of offer and response instructions modus operandi is one of the differentiations between ordinary advertising and direct response advertising.)


    4.  There will be tracking and measurement.
    P.T. Barnum is oft-quoted as saying “I know half the advertising for my circuses is wasted  –  if only I knew which half.”  The same quote is often attributed to retail pioneer John Wannamaker. Matters not who said it, YOU need to know what works, eliminate ALL the fat and waste from your advertising and insist on a real return on
    your investment dollars.  We’ll show you how.


    5.  There will be Follow-Up.
    Bluntly, most businesses are “sloppy” about capture of leads’ and prospects’ information and about
    effective, multi-step, multi-media follow-up, so there is a treasure trove of untapped sales and profit opportunity. As a
    Member, you will be forcibly focused by us on uncovering and mining ALL income potential in your business; plugging the holes in your bucket; and ethically getting more revenue from every customer.
    Think about all the people you come into contact with but ‘forget’ or don’t follow up with! Who can you follow up with right now to either book an appointment, see how they’re doing, ask for the referral, or what-ever it may be.


    Let us know what Rule you will begin doing (or do more of) by leaving your comment in the space below.

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    Looking forward to supporting your brilliance!

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