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We Give Back Program


"Give To Get Gold"
Marketing Campaign & Client Acquisition System

The ONLY Marketing Program you'll ever need!

This "WeGiveBack" marketing approach is my very proudest (flagship) program that my San Francisco Center has run since 2003.

I've taught it to many of my high-end coaching clients who've seen extraordinary responses in their cities, too.

I'm now licensing the program to other businesses on a limited geographical and professional exclusivity.

A "WeGiveBack" Campaign Is A Triple Win for you, your clients, and your community:

  1. Generate Revenue
  2. Attract New clients & Reactivate Past Clients
  3. Create Community Goodwill by giving back to people in your local area.

If you've always wanted an elegant, simple system to generate as many clients as you want each & every month...

Apply to join the selected few other wellness service providers, clinics, and spas by securing your geographical license to offer your WeGiveBack program.

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Client Creation & Marketing

Irene_Diamond's_Client Creation and Marketing Program

Client Creation + Marketing Monthly Inspiration & Strategy


  • EASY MARKETING to attract Dream Clients that doesn't require spending money on ads, complicated funnels or investing hours posting on social media ...
  • CLARITY on your strengths and Unique Appeal To Clients so they come to you ...
  • Access to my coveted T.R.U.T.H. Selling System outline for stress-free, smoothe sales, for securing appointments with your best-fit clients.

This program is for you.

You're now invited to join the Client Creation + Marketing program

• Ditch the Hustle + Grind

• Embrace the Ease + Flow

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Results Guaranteed Program

Irene_Diamond's_Results Guaranteed Program


Could You Guarantee Your Clinical Skills?

Could you charge $1760 an hour? 

Maybe, but it might be challenging.


How 'bout if you only charged 1/4 that amount at $440 a session?(NOTE: This fee is for a session that could be 15-minutes or an hour or 90-minutes-ish or no session and instead it could be for helpful resources and support, instead of your time...)


Rewarded Rather Than Penalized?...

Therapists and clinics who sell results are rewarded for their efficiency, effectiveness, expertise and the clients entire experience! 

Many clients want fast results, fast relief, fast change... 

Affluent clients may be happy to pay a premium, for fast effective, efficient results. 

When we sell results instead of time, it becomes a win-win.


Get rewarded for your ability to support clinical change!

 See if this program is open for you to participate in so you can begin serving your clients and patients with your RESULTS GUARANTEED PROGRAM!

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Clinic From Anywhere

Clinic From Anywhere

Clinic From Anywhere

You're on vaca, or they live far away...
Serve Clients From Afar!

Support clients while you’re (or they’re) at a beach, hotel, or visiting another country...

or simply maybe the weather is horrible, and you can't leave the house… via Virtual Visits.

I laid out exactly how therapists are escaping the ‘4 walls’ of their brick-and-mortar physical clinic to deliver life-changing results for clients worldwide.

Clinic From Anywhere HomeStudy Program:

12 Modules, Online, Self-Paced,
Life-Time Access.

Build a thriving Online Wellness Business that results in 5-star reviews and professional and personal referrals.

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Design Your Unique Signature Program

Design Your Unique Signature Program


  • How to introduce and incorporate your Signature Program into your Therapy Practice
  • What to do to Market Yourself as a Specialist in your niche
  • How To Get Docs and other Health Care Providers to refer their Patients to you
  • How (& Why) To Set Your Fees & Charge for Your program.

I open this program once a year  ~ I would be happy to see if and how I might be able to have you attend the next program or go through the Homestudy Program.CLICK HERE TO Request a conversation to see if this program is open for you to participate in so you can begin serving your clients and patients with your SIGNATURE PROGRAM! 

Design Your Precise Private Practice

Design Your Precise Private Practice®

  • Learn precisely why and how your business will flourish when you transition from what Irene Diamond calls an 'Open To The Public Practice'™ and switch over to a Precise Private Practice® business model.
  • More ease & grace, less stress, working ONLY with the Precise Dream Clients you love to work with who you can get the best results.
  • I open this program to invite in just a few BRILLIANT business owners a few times a year  ~ Membership Tuition ranges from $3,000 -$25,000 a month based on your needs and goals.Let's talk and see if and how I might be able to support you.CLICK HERE TO ESTABLISH YOUR OWN PRECISE PRIVATE PRACTICE ®