who want to

Attract Affluent, Appreciative Clients

 without complicated funnels,
daily social posting, or paid ads...

Building your dream practice should be easy.

When you're doing what you love, with clients you adore,
it's smooth sailing.

But the problem is who to listen to or which business model to follow?

It can all feel so overwhelming, but ...

Don't worry!

As your personal Tour Guide to Business Success, whether you're brand new, or a seasoned vetran,

my specialty is consulting with Therapreneurs and Clinic Owners to Design Their Dream Practice.


It starts with knowing who your DREAM CLIENTS are and WHERE TO FIND THEM, free & easy.

Client Creation + Marketing
monthly program

If you're one of the BEST at what you do: 

do you desire fresh, new Insights + Strategy 

 to attract loyal dream clients into your practice?

We believe in VALUE over VOLUME...


is exhausting...

To create a significant private practice or clinic, 
where you're thrilled to go to 'work' every day...

what is YOUR definition of success?

is fulfilling our vision of providing the best health and wellness care by seeing just a small group of hand-selected clients who make our hearts soar.



 • We help you DEFINE your PRECISE Clients you serve best 
• We help you DESIGN their PRECISE treatment plan and therapeutic approach
We help you DELIVER their PRECISE results & clinical outcomes

PRACTICE "SUCCESS" eludes too many well-meaning, big-hearted, brilliant providers, and my mission is to end that!

 Our members apply the deep foundational pieces to success 
that impact their financial well-being, community, and professional satisfaction.

The most successful, wealthy, happy providers are those 
who have
who beg for an invite into their practice becuase they want the clinical expertice only you deliver.

Becoming a provider who can ethically move people to inquire about your services
is a priceless skill  -- worth its weight in DIAMONDS!


If you desire:

  • EASY Low or No-Cost MARKETING that doesn't require spending money on ads, complicated funnels or hours posting on social media ...
  • CLARITY on your strengths and Unique Appeal To Clients so they come to you ...

The Client Creation + Marketing program

is for you.

You're now invited to join us so you can 

• Ditch the Hustle + Grind

• Embrace the Ease + Flow

Client Creation + Marketing program

Value over Volume™️

• "How to Become the "Go-To" Expert in your town" Training: 
What does it take to stand out from the crowd?

• No + Low-Cost methods to get your name in front of the clients who need you: 
Learn exactly where to 'find' your Dream Clients.

Learn my "TRUTH Selling System" for graceful sales conversations.
($1000 training gifted FREE to the first 100 members)

What You Get:


  • Straightforward strategies and tactical advice showing you "what's working now" in real-time via Zoom and delivered to your Library.
  • Instant access to the current Season (Four seasons of content each year)
  • Bonus access to prior High-Value Seasons (because we want you to receive the most recent training as they evolve, you will not receive access to the past recorded programs unless we feel it will bring you high value.)

  • Solid insight
  • Solid leadership
  • Solid loving butt-kicks
  • Solid tactics
  • Solid strategy
  • Solid proven advice on YOUR BUSINESS.

Everything is delivered in REAL-TIME.

Simple, solid advice.

We won't overwhelm ya...

Advice based on what's working now, 
in real-life practices across Western countries.

webinar screen irene diamond

Online Training Calls + FaceBook Group


Unique topics presented to move you ahead, fast to get more dream clients in your door.

Plenty of time for Q & A to get your questions answered.

Training Workshop on the first and third Tuesday of each month.


We love the energy of an intemate group, so we just added a members-only, private group for posts, discussions, inspirations and celebrations! 

Irene Diamond International Busienss Success Mentor

I'm Irene Diamond

If your goal is to generate Ultra High Revenue while Supporting Dream Clients to achieve their optimal state of Health & Wellness without a lot of stress and strain...I am the best person on the planet to support you.

I agree, that sounds arrogant, and, I won't apologize.

I know it's true because the clinic owners I've worked with over the last 30+ years have seen extremely awe-inspiring results they never thought possible.

And, we make sure clinic owners have lots of Time-Freedom while Giving Back to their community.

I've owned and directed Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center in San Francisco, California, since 1995, developed the rehabilitation approach of Active Modulation Therapy - The Diamond Method®.  In addition, I have mentored, authored, coached, and inspired the very best elite clinic owners and start-ups and brand-new practitioners and therapists to have a practice & lifestyle they love!

I'm the Precise Private Practice® business model creator, author of numerous practice-focused business articles, frequent podcast guest, educational presenter, digital content creator, and luxury travel expert.

 In addition, an author of my new book, Design Your Dream Practice for Health & Wellness Providers, The 3-Step “Inside Out” Plan for Thrilled Clients, Maximum Prosperity, and More Fun!


Activation for Planet • People • Profit

What Clients Say

Ravensara Travillian - Educator / Writer
Ravensara-Testimonial-DPMA-Irene Diamond
Sheryl Flores - Massage therapist
Barry Bowden - Sports Therapist

Under $5000?      What's the Catch?

Typically, providers expect to pay me $5,000, $10K, $20K, or more each month for my consulting and coaching programs. 

(After all, most of my elite clients generate over $10,000 -- $25k a month in solo practice...)

but, Client Creation + Marketing Program is different.
It's about 599% less expensive.


Because I want this to elevate ALL providers, even those who might be struggling.

Unlike many other consultants, I generate much of my revenue from my brick-and-mortar Pain Relief Center, through consulting and advising practices and clinics on their entire businesses, and through licensing services.

(this program is for fun and my gift to give back to the health & wellness
professionals I admire so much.)

Of course, if you like my style, once we get to know each other, we may decide to work together more personally, but there will be absolutely zero pressure or upsells.

The Fine Print:

I genuinely want to focus on those who "get it" at this point in my life. 
So here's the deal:


✔️ Cancel anytime. (That's only fair.) 

✔️ Use the strategy and insight you receive. 

✔️ No refunds.

✔️  If you join and then cancel -- there is no re-joining. 

If you're committed, take action, are a skilled clinician or clinic manager with skilled providers, apply the strategies and lessons you receive -- you should EASILY recoup your monthly investment each and every month, multiple times over.

Even if all you did was attract one single new client each month, 

you'd more than make your investment back.


From a single session? 
Maybe $100, $500, $1000?

How much is the Life-Time value of a new client plus the referrals they send? 
$10,000, $20k, $100k per new client?

QUESTIONS?  ... What If ...?

  • I'm just starting my practice?

    No prob, it's great you'll get off on the right foot.
  • I don't have many clients? 

    You'll be learning exactly how to attract new clients.
  • I'm not very 'techy'? 

    Every thing you'll learn is low-tech, high touch.
  • I'm not sure who my Dream Clients are? 

    I'll help ya figure it out.
  • I don't know how or like to 'sell'? 

    I'll gift you my TRUTH Selling System that takes all the ickiness out of selling, so clients who are a great fit for you, ask if they can be invited into your practice.
  • I don't have money for advertising? 

    I'll be teaching no or low cost methods to attract affluent clients
  • I don't want to sell to "RICH" people? 

    You'll learn why affluent clients are your best source of clients and also how to serve any other population you want, with integrity.
  • I don't have a team, and it's just me? 

    Everything will be perfect for you to handle to start and at some point you might want to hire an assistant for some help when it's needed to free you up for more leveraged activities.
  • I'm not a great writer or know how to run ads?
  •  I'll be teaching skills and insight even non-writers and no-techies can master.

Ready To Do It?

My promise to you?

Enroll and Experience what it's like to get proven advice from someone with 
30+ years of experience running a successful multi-practitioner Pain Relief Center and consulting for clinics around the world.

If you feel embracing Client Creation + Marketing is in alignment with your goals 
and the feeling you have right now is telling you to join us; I welcome you.

I won't let you down.

(One last thing: You're here because you've heard of me from a trusted colleague, or maybe you've read something I've written in the professional magazines or heard me interviewed online...

I take your trust seriously.

You'll receive the exact advice on client attraction + marketing that 
I give to my high-priced coaching clients. (Nothing is held back!)

If you're ready...

 we've got super bonuses when you join by September 19th before Season 4 starts:

#1) Season 1: Instant access

  • Precise Private Practice® Marketing Foundations
  • Recorded training covering the Secret to Turning "Freebie" Seekers into $1000+ Paying Clients
  • Irene's Special '9-Word' email

#2) Season 3: Instant access Complete recordings, downloads, and resources from 3 months of juicy ideas and strategies.


#3) Season 4:  Fresh new content coming up for 2022 begining in October.



  • Irene's TRUTH Selling System™ for graceful, ethical sales conversations ($1000 value)
  • Client Selection Triangle™ & Neon Sign Formula™ Training ($2000 value)


For the low $100/month fee, members with space in their practice to take on at least one or two new clients each month should easily receive a $1000+ lifetime value for each new client, each month.

(Join now to lock in the tuition so it never increases. Quit anytime)

Client Creation + Marketing with Irene Diamond

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Lock in the lowest monthly tuition anywhere, to get small group coaching directly with Irene Diamond