Can You Charge More For Your Therapy Services?

    can you charge more for your therapy services?

    Can You Charge More For Your Therapy Services?

    “I can’t charge more for my massage services!”

    “No one will pay more for my physical therapy sessions!”

    “My fees are already at the ‘going rate’ in my area!”


    Do Any Of Those Complaints Above Sound Familiar?

    As a biz-coach, I hear these laments almost daily in some form or the other….

    I had a discussion with a therapist recently.

    She stated she could not hit the revenue goals that I suggest ALMOST EVERY therapist can achieve.

    We took a look at her past experience with charging for her services and increasing her fees…
    and, like most practitioners and clinic owners, I saw a big opportunity for improvement in her ability to generate income.

    Can you charge more for your therapy services?

    Are You Wondering How to ETHICALLY JUSTIFY Raising Your Fees?

    We did a conversation I’ll share below because I believe it will be super helpful for you if you’re looking to increase your revenue, too.


    Here is the conversation:

    ME: If you have good skills, can listen well, and are professional, and ethical, you CAN make good money!

    (I shared how in almost every city — I suggest part-timers should have a goal to generate $5k-ish a month (10-12 billable hrs per week )

    And full-timers should shoot for $8-12k a month. (15-25-ish billable hrs per week )

    THERAPIST: I don’t even see how to get there.

    ME: how can we help ya?
    Can you first identify what “pieces” are missing or getting in your way?

    THERAPIST: I don’t have the skills to justify charging ~$125 an hour and am not sure how to improve my skills. I currently charge $70 for an hour, which is the average going rate. My clients love me but I don’t have any over-the-top skills that justify their paying that kind of higher premium fees.

    ME: “ok- great, then looking at your fees is the place to start.
    (First, just to be clear, there are other powerful ways to charge clients for your services rather than JUST by the hour to hit these revenue goals.  I always suggest charging by results and experience, instead of minutes and modalities in a Precise Private Practice®. In an Open to the Public™ practice, time and modalities make sense and are expected.)
    Of course, the simplest way to charge for services is by the hour.
    To hit a $5k a month income, working only 12 hours a week (48 hours a month) charge $104/hour.
    OR to generate $12k a month, working 25 hours a week,  charge $120/hr.
    AND, to even consider being able to raise your fees from $70 to $104 or $120 or higher per hour, we need to explore and investigate 2 things...

    <img role= #1- Determine if you REALLY need to improve your clinical and/or business skills to charge more… or do you already have what it takes?

     OFTEN… we find the provider’s mind is holding them back due to lacking confidence or not knowing how to talk about rates to clients,

    I often see one of the biggest contributors that keep therapists from charging more, is their

    <img role= #2- If it IS true you don’t have the skills to charge more, EXACTLY what skills do you need to acquire to JUSTIFY ETHICALLY charging more?

    • <img role=–> Do you need to learn Clinical Assessment skills (to determine what’s going on with your client and then be able to design a therapy plan?)
    • <img role= –> Do you need to learn more effective clinical techniques, modalities, and methods of providing results?
    • <img role= –> Do you need to learn better Business skills or bring in External support for your client and office activities, such as a front desk/receptionist, which contributes to charging higher fees?
    • <img role= –> Do you need to learn Other ways to generate revenue from providing your therapy, rather than only charging per hour? (so you can work fewer hours, and make more money)

    When therapists zero in on the PRECISE ‘pieces’ that are missing, they can charge more and propel themselves AND their practices to higher revenue very quickly.

    If you are curious if you really can charge more for your therapy services, I would be happy to help you.
    If you’re wondering how to get out of your head and begin to build more confidence, and to improve any of the 4 skills I listed above, reach out to me by clicking here.
    Let’s get a conversation started to see if and how I might be able to help YOU raise your fees, ethically!

     Post your comment below:
    What do YOU feel you need to learn or do to be able to ethically justify charging more for your services?

    ~ Irene <img role=” />

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