Biz Tips From Monster Jam Truck Show

    Monster Jam truck

    Biz Tips From Monster Jam Truck Show:monster-truck-jam-family

    My family was invited to go to a Monster Jam Truck show last week.

    (I had never been before, but gotta tell ya…
    Here we are sitting in the stands.
    (My 2 kids are the 2 in front)

    Want to know what I Learned?
    Biz Tips From Monster Jam Truck Show:

    Aside from me thinking the entire time of all the orthopedic injuries these drivers can get from doing these truck stunts…

    The organizers of Monster Jam really have it dialed in.

    Looking at their ‘crowd’ I think it would be fair to say the people watching the show
    aren’t extremely wealthy.

    Monster Jam truckBut, they were spending money!

    It goes to show, we can ‘make our own economy” when we have loyal fans who want what we sell.

    First of all, the tickets are much more expensive than I thought they were going to be.

    • Average tkt price around $40 + per person over age 10)
    • A churro snack was $5, and a hot dog was $9.
    • And then…they have the gear – t-shirts, hats, logo drinks, you name it.

    AND, they know their ‘target market’ so well, that almost everyone was buying it up.

    It was amazing to me what a big business Monster Truck Madness is and how they suck the audience in.

    You get to know the driver’s story, you start rooting for who you want to win, you scream when a tire flies off or a truck rolls over!

    We can learn from this:

    1. How well do you know your market? (Do you know what they really want?)
    2. Do your clients really care about you enough to rally behind and give their support?
    3. Are you pre-deciding they can’t afford what you’re selling, so you lower your rates?
    4. In addition to your ‘show’, what else do your clients want to buy and do you have it to offer?

    I hope you got value from reading this and now I want you to apply it in your biz!

    Post your comment and let us know:
    (A) Have you ever been to a monster truck show and don’t you agree it was a blast?!

    (B) What lessons did you learn from this post and what will you apply to your biz today?

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