Do YOU Believe In Yourself?

    BelieveInYourself venus williams

    As a service provider,
    Do YOU Believe In Yourself?

    Tough Love Mentor Question:
    If you don’t believe in yourself, why should your clients and referring partners trust you?

    BelieveInYourself venus williams

    Believing in yourself, starts with you.
    Ask yourself these 5 simple (but profound) questions. Yes or No:

    1. Do I provide brilliant, quantifiable,  clinical results for my clients?

    2. Is my location/environment/equipment presentable & professional?
    3. Is my advice/ guidance/suggestions to clients based on proven concepts or only anecdotal (my personal) experience?
    4. Am I ethical in all my interactions with clients?
    5. Do I behave professionally in all manners of business?

    If the answer to all 5 above is “yes” – that’s terrific–good for you. Congratulations on setting yourself up for success.

    You SHOULD BELIEVE IN YOURSELF which translates into others more easily trusting (& believing in) you!

    But… if any question above is “no”, what will you do to change it?

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