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    create your marketing to stand out

    Are you feeling stuck when it comes to marketing your practice to stand out as one of the very best in your area?

    We want our efforts to be effective, without spending a ton of time and money on advertising.

    And we certainly don't want to come across as sleezy, pushy, or desperate.

    So what's a clinic owner or provider to do?

    To help you out, I've got 3 Points For Powerfully Effective Marketing:

    Marketing Point #1. - Trust + Precision:

    Instead of asking: “what type of marketing is cheapest or easiest” ...

    Ask yourself:
    "What feeling do I want my prospects to get as their first impression of me and my brand?”

    (Prospects will have a certain perspective about our brand based on our choice of where and how we market our practice.)

    We want prospects to learn of us, and quickly move to TRUSTING us.

    We want them to be confident we are the BEST option for their needs, clinical goals, and desires. (Notice I didn't say, "for their budget.")

    Will you market your practice as an Open To The Public Practice™ (volume-based)

    or a Precise Private Practice® (value-based)?

    Choose marketing that builds a new prospect's trust of you even before they know more about you.

    Do This / Not That:

    1. Be featured as a guest on Podcast Interviews / NOT focus on 'affordable' fees
    2. Up-dated Website for more effective messaging / NOT flyers on bulletin boards
    3. Contribute Articles to media / NOT lead with discounts, sales, and coupons
    4. Create Helpful Videos / NOT use Cheesy social media posts or ads
    5. Start public speaking or Teaching / NOT convincing, or hard pressure sales

    When you're seen as a provider who's on the leading edge of therapeutic approaches, current on science-informed research, and are able to support clients with a 100% guarantee on the clinical outcomes, your practice will absolutely stand out from the 'noise'.

    Always deliver 100% efficient, effective elegant experiences and before you know it  clients will beg you to be invited in as a client.

    Marketing Point #2 - Uniqueness 

    Define the 3 top reasons people choose YOU over other clinic or provider options that provide the same results

    (Notice I didn’t say, "over others who provide the same service”.)

    This is where my concept of Unique Appeal to Clients, or UAC, pronounced "yack", comes in.

    We want (need) to give clients a reason to yack about us to their friends and other health care providers because:

    a)  WE are different

    b) we provide different

    c) we serve different.

    What makes YOU stand out?

    What unique niche do you serve based on their clinical goals, symptoms, diagnoses, hobbies or psychographics?

    (I'm the pain relief specialist for people who have chronic migraines and persistent neck or back pain... What makes YOU stand out?)

    List 3 ways you’re different. (Share in the comments below)

    Consider the benefits that come from your approach and how those differences provide more value (and results) to your unique, dream client or prospect, with LESS effort, time, energy, and stress, than other options available to the client.

    (Include emotional and logical reasons. It’s true when they say, "People buy with emotion and justify it with logic."

    For example, in my practice, one of our UAC's is we offer a 100% Guarantee.

    This 100% guarantee makes us extremely different, because… ya know, who else does that? (Especially in health care?)

    What is the emotional benefit to clients to work with you? “It can be scary to try a new provider, but we’ll be with you every step of the way to be sure you get exactly what you need and want.”

    What is the logical benefit to client? “Even if you’ve tried other options in the past that haven’t worked, there is no need to worry if working with us will be a bad decision. If you’re not thrilled, you won’t pay.” 

    Once you know your top 3 Unique Appeal To Clients differentiators and how they benefit your clients, both emotionally and logically, use them in your marketing.

    Speak about your U.A.C.s, write about them, post about them and brag about them, everywhere.

    Clients seek experts and specialists who stand out from the crowd.

    Marketing Point #3 - Give Back:

    Include a philanthropic arm to your service-based practice. 

    Studies show that clients appreciate doing business with businesses that support worthwhile causes, and often spend more money with the service provider when they know a portion will go to a charity or organization they believe in.

    Think about a local, national, or international organization you strongly support, and decide if it makes sence to choose to recognize them as one of your company's beneficiaries.

    • Could you donate a portion of proceeds each month, quarter, or annually?
    • Could you donate a number of services each month, or offer partial? scholarships?
    • Could you sponsor their organization?
    • Could you sit on their board?
    • Could you promote them to your audience to support them by exposure?

    To give you an example in our San Francisco clinic:

    1. This In In honor of my mom who suicided during a deep depression from being bipolar, we donate a portion of proceeds to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and Awareness.
    2. We also donate over $2500 in therapy services, each month to a specified group of people in our local community through our  WeGiveBack  - Give To Get Gold monthly marketing campaign.

    So there you have it!  

    3 Marketing Strategies To Design (& have) Your Dream Practice, without slimey sales or expensive ads and funnels.

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