Are You Ripping-Off Your Clients?

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It’s Saturday ~

I’m going to get a massage in about an hour…

From a therapist I’ve never worked with before…

She charges $90 a session…

Is THAT a fair rate?
Who the hell knows!

It kills me when I read a question in a FaceBook or LinkedIn forum like, “I’m a new therapist, is $70 a good rate to charge?”!

How in the world can we answer that for the well-meaning, but clueless, therapist?

Rates for a session can be from FREE to $10 all the way up to $1000s for a single session.

ALL these rates can be “fair’, based on lots of variables.

(Don’t believe me? What if you provided your session just for newlyweds on top of a Hot Air Balloon with champagne and caviar? Easily charge thousands for THAT experience!)

How do you know if YOU are ripping off your clients by charging too much?

It’s Actually Very Simple:

Is your rate an “OMGTWSWI’ rate?

Huh, What’s That Mean?
When your client finishes their session with you, will they say, “Oh my gosh, that was so worth it!”

After their session with you, if they say (or think) “OMGTWSWI!”, then you’re golden!
This means they feel they got their money (and time’s worth) for the rate you charge.

Obviously you want people to feel they got an equal (or greater) exchange in receiving your services for the amount of money they paid.

If your client feels like your rate was too high for what they got, then, guess what … you-in-fact- are ripping them off!

Stop it!
It will never get you the repeat business you want, they will never refer you to their friends, and in fact, they might even go online and leave a negative review on you.

There are many variables that contribute to how much you can charge for your session.
Just a few are:

  1. The actual service you provide
  2. Results you can get them
  3. The environment / experience the service is received
  4. If you provide parking, easy access
  5. The physical location
  6. Do you bill insurance or not
  7. Other amenities they get from receiving a service

Notice, none of those 7 above is focused on you.

  • Not how many years you’ve been in practice
  • Not how long it’s been since you raised your rates
  • Not what the gal or guy down the street is charging
  • Not what your training is…

It’s ALL about what THE CLIENT GETS!

Choose A Rate That Is An OMGTWSWI!

If you want to raise your rates, raise the variables that enhance your clients experience, so they feel completely thrilled with their exchange of time and money to you for what you provide to them.

My Rates:
My rates to get my therapy clients some pain relief and improved mobility and function is probably 3-4 times higher than most therapists, doctors, and other health care providers in my city of San Francisco. And yet, I’ve got a load of clients who come in each week 1, 2 or 3 times a week to have me help them.

They tell me the results I get them are worth the hundreds of dollars per session. In other words — I am providing them with an “OMGTWSWI” experience.

Could they find someone cheaper? OF COURSE!

But they want my secret sauce, so they vote with their pocketbook and through their recommendations to me for their friends and family members.

When YOU provide your clients and patients with brilliant results, Your clients can tell you the same thing!

Please understand, you don’t have to, NOR DO YOU WANT TO try to be the least expensive option in your city to try to get clients. Raise your rates and be sure to raise the value you provide!

Have something to share about this?
Love to hear your experience in the comments below!

Answer In The Comments:
#1-Are your clients walking away and saying, “OMGTWSWI!”?
#2- What are you doing to enhance their experience?


About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • LOVE IT! I actually just raised my rates by $100 per session. I asked a few of my clients what they thought my sessions were worth and I was shocked at their responses – WAY higher than I imagined! I currently work out of my no-frills home office, so I offer no fabulous atmosphere experience. However, I only accept a handful of clients each week, which allows me to have no time limit on my sessions. I’m able to give the client what they NEED versus them picking something off a menu. My sessions include whatever I feel is beneficial for that client at that visit: hot stones, thai (on or off the table), etc. and there’s never an upgrade fee. I also refuse to accept tips.

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