Are You Poor or Abundant?

    Are you poor or abundant?

    If I asked you right now, “Are you poor or abundant?”, what would your answer be?

    It’s not a trick question.

    I know you know some biz owners who seem to have tons of clients and make a lot of money, even though you know they’re possibly less qualified than you are!

    Why is that?

    A wise man once said:
    “Poor people do not have poor ways, …
    it is the poor ways that make poor people.”

    Are you thinking, acting, believing in POOR ways or … are you thinking, acting, BELIEVING in abundant ways?

    What EXACTLY is the difference between clinic owners, solo practice owners and therapists who make a ton of money and live a professionally lucrative practice and those who struggle?

    I’ve observed, the difference between POOR and ABUNDANT is the people who make the BIGGEST strides are those who surround themselves with abundance-minded people, thoughts, and actions.

    Many of my clients go through my Accelerated Pain Relief Program. My program requires them to be seen 3 times a week, to start.

    My APR program provides great clinical results for my clients AND also brings me a nice chunk of change ($1600 per person) so it is very financially lucrative, too.


    In your business, you can begin to have more abundance right now by adopting 3 simple (but may be difficult) changes:

    #1: ONLY model your actions and business on people who are ACTUALLY thriving in their biz.
    Find at least one person who represents who/what you want to be and have. Notice and model their behaviors, their style of  dress, their words, their actions. Pay attention and see if you can begin to understand more about their outlook on life and business.

    (NOTE: I’m not telling you to lose your own identity. It’s certainly important for you to be your own person. But, what I am suggesting is that successful actions and thoughts breed success in personal and professional outcome. We can learn a lot by observing those people who we deem successful.)

    #2: ONLY discuss your business with people who are ACTUALLY thriving in their biz.

    DON’T commiserate or ask for business advice from people who are struggling and not seeing the positive outcome of their business strategy and structure — there is no reason to do that!

    Only model those who have what YOU want to have since they can show you how to get there, too.
    (This means stay away from the FaceBook and LinkedIn groups where everyone complains or gives advice and it’s based on nothing of substance!)

    #3: ONLY behave and structure your business following ACTUAL thriving business coaches and mentors.

    This means you first must find out the truth. Many practice owners and business coaches portray success or tell people their business is doing great, when in reality they’re drowning in debt, not making the profit they say they are, or not seeing the level of success they claim.

    Surround and hang out with people who really do know how to help you soar to even higher levels of success.

    Don’t be fooled by their stories — find out if they’re real.

    Once you know they’re the real deal, only then should you invest in learning from them.
    Remember TACTICS come and go, it’s STRATEGY that brings you the real value!

    I encourage you to find mentors who are abundant!

    Find people who are ‘Walkin’ The Talk’ you want to be Rockin!

    Do you offer a unique program to your clients that is lucrative to you AND provides the best results for your clients?

    Do you believe or dis-believe your clients can / will afford to pay for a unique program if you offered one?

    What do YOU believe is possible for you and your practice?

    Do you hang around with people who bring you down, because misery loves company?
    Instead, I suggest you hang around with people who lift you higher!

    A rising tide floats ALL boats!

    Spend time with people who are thinking with an abundance mind-set and outlook on life.

    Find mentors who are doing what you want to do, and living their life in the way you want to learn to live.

    Want to hang out with me?

    Want me to help you create your unique programs? Re-think your service offerings? Discuss your pricing? Fine-tune your business structure? Organize your policies? Idnetify and simplify your systems?

    To find out if I’m the ‘real deal’ join me on Facebook or request a phone call session with me, so you can begin to know more about me. I’m pretty much an open book.

    If it is meant to be, it would be my honor to have you as a mentee!

    Give us your thoughts, below…

    1. Are you poor or abundant?
    2. What will you change?
    3. When and how will you become more Abundant?

    About the Author Irene Diamond

    Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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