How To Attract 
Affluent + Appreciative



Affluent + Appreciative Clients

We all want thrilled clients who're happy to pay us, right?

But, where are these AFFLUENT people and how in the heck do we attract them to our practice?


I'm often asked by therapists and clinic owners how they can find clients who are 'rich'. 

Rich people are great to work with,
but you actually don't need clients who have gobs of money...

Instead, you want clients who value what you can do with and for them and see the value is worth 
paying you for that result.

Affluent people appreciate great value and have the ability to seek out providers who can solve their problems, pains, concerns or reach a goal.

I'm sharing with you, now, the very FIRST STEP!

You MUST know:  What do you help people RELIEVE or ACHIEVE?

That's the first question to answer for yourself.

And, in this mini- course I'll bring you a lot more juicy brilliance to put all the pieces together, so you soon have APPRECIATIVE CLIENTS BEGGING TO BE INVITED INTO YOUR PRACTICE.

(I packed everything into this program so only 45-minutes is required to absorb the simple, but poerful strategy.)

This course is usually sold for $197, but I'm gifting it to "Therapreneurs" for now, as my gift to those who land on this page.

Since it will not cost you anything (but about an hour of your time), we encourage you to create your account now
and get started ASAP, before we bring the price to join, back on.)

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  • How To Attract Affluent Clients
  • How to Get An Easy 'YES!"
  • How To "Speak Their Language"

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