3 Sales Tips To Boost Your Offer


It’s a fact of life…
People are generally skeptical by nature, so they will often look for a ‘catch’ for why they are getting a deal from you (or any business).

Here’s a fast marketing tip:
If you’re ever going to offer a discount, promote a special rate, or add on some extra service or product, you should think of it as a ‘sale’ to boost your offer.
st patty's day sale diamondExample: Since today is March 17th,  have you been receiving a lot of email or noticed advertisements for St Patty’s Day specials, parties, parades, or sales in the paper or on TV over the last few days?

If so, then you see what I mean, about holding ‘sales’.

3 Sales Tips To Boost Your Offer:

  1. Always give a reason for WHY you’re offering the special ‘sale’.
  2. Give your sale a name.
  3. Give clients and customers a reason to respond sooner, rather than later.

Savvy businesses always have a reason to offer you, (as the consumer) a deal, and the sale most often is given a name. The sale also comes with a ‘call to action’. (CTA)

What is a CTA?
A CTA (Call to Action) is a compelling reason for you to take some sort of action sooner rather than wait until later. Like a “buy now and get a fee lipstick with purchase.”

When you are offering a sale, you should also determine what the reason is for you giving your client and customers a deal.

The reason for your sale can be super simple, like St. Patty’s Day, your birthday, an anniversary of the day you went into business, or you can tie it into the national or religious holidays.

You can also give reasons like, “It’s Snowing so hard, we are having a “warm you up” sale on heaters, lamps, and fire pits”,firepit or “the printer made a mistake on the advertisement so now it’s $10 off!” or the one you’ve heard many times before, “we’re over-stocked and need to move our inventory.”

Just to show you how simple it can be, there is even a national furniture store that has only 4 sales a year. (Winter Sale, Spring Sale, Summer Sale, and, yup — you guessed it… Fall Sale! And guess what, each sale lasts 3 months!)


Want to drum up a little more business from time to time?

Just choose a reason to offer your “sale’ and give your ‘sale’ a name. It will be received much better by your clients.
Now, keep in mind — your sale does not always need to be a price/rate discount. Instead, you can provide something of value that comes with the purchase as an add-on.
(Often times ‘gift-with-purchase’ works better as the Call to Action than when you simply do a price drop.)


Please remember, You. Are. Brilliant!
~ Irene   ~ founder, Dream Practice Mastery Academy


Have YOU held a ‘sale’ for your business? Did you give it a name and a reason?
Share below…

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  • Jan says:

    I am putting out “theme” massage specials for packages through our Facebook page and email newsletter. I boost the Facebook page. I get a few “likes” and some people who “claim” our offer, but often they don’t end up booking. As for the email newsletter, we get the industry standard of 20% opens, and we get a few takers. I’d like to find out how to increase reactions from both venues. I am able to get positive responses from clients who have come in for a massage if they’re regular clients, if not, they’re not likely to take me up on the offer!

    • Hi Jan,
      First, congratulations on creating unique offerings — that will set you apart from the others in your area.

      Your question, “I’d like to find out how to increase reactions from both venues.” is a bit hard to answer here, since I don’t know what your entire ‘sales funnel’ and process looks like.

      Facebook is considered “cold” traffic and your email list is ‘warm’, so they are really handled 2 different ways.

      #1- If you are sending them straight to a web site,(rather than asking them to call or email) Create a landing page for each traffic source. be sure it is consistent with the ad message, look & feel. Use the same headline so when they get to your website they know they are in the right place.

      #2- Determine what you want the reader to do.
      With FB traffic the best thing is to first give them something of value, like a video you made, an e-book, or something that they want that costs you nothing or very little, in exchange for their email address. You can also have an option to ‘click to schedule your session”.

      (Remember, many people wont come to a website and book an expensive service right off — they may need to get to know you a little and the free offer can help them feel more comfortable with you.)

      With warm traffic, they hopefully already know you, so you can direct them straight to booking an appointment.

      There are so many other places sales can be lost so hopefully at least this will get you better results from theses traffic sources.

      ~ Irene

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