3-Step Easy Client Re-Booking System

    3-Step Client & Patient Re-Booking System

    If you had a 3-Step Easy Client Re-Booking system, would that make your life a lot better?

    Many therapists struggle with how to ‘encourage’, ‘get’, ‘convince’ clients to return for more than 1 or 2 visits, so they resort to selling discount packages (as taught by many other mentors or educators).

    Stop trying to convince people — you’re NOT in the convincing biz!

    Today, I’ll teach you how to get repeat bookings and encouraging patients to follow through on therapy plans using a 3-Step Easy Client Re-Booking process, with a volleyball analogy — bump, set, spike… (except the 3 steps are re-ordered).

    Hope this helps you see more clearly the entire process:

    There are 3 steps to set it up so your patient understands **from the beginning** how you ‘run’ your practice and what is expected.

    Step #1: The Set:
    The first phone call or conversation/consult is where you find out their goals, briefly discuss their symptoms and determine together if you’re a match for each other. If you already can tell it will take more than 1 or 2 sessions to get them their results, you let them know that EVEN BEFORE their first visit.

    Set their first visit and explain what to expect, so you literally set in their mind that there may be a need for more than a single session. (Remember, some people think it only requires a single session.)

    Through your entire on-boarding process, reinforce in their mind the possible need for more than 1 or 2 visits or more (if it’s true).

    Step #2: The Bump:
    The first visit or Eval allows you to confirm your initial thoughts and develop their therapy plan. You also provide some initial results (as much as appropriately possible within the scheduled time & never hold anything back) If in fact, you believe they can benefit from more sessions with you, enroll them into your program that is the best fit for them. (Do NOT sell packages!)

    Step #3: The Spike:
    After the session at the front desk, you or your front desk person confirms the need for future visits based on their clinical needs. YOU determine the frequency, duration, etc you see is best for them.

    (talk about results they’ll get from going through your program and how it will help THEM get where they want to get — NOT on how much money they save if they buy in bulk!)

    Give this 3-Step Easy Client Re-Booking system a try when your next new client or patient calls or walks in to inquire about your services.

    Post your thoughts below so we know what YOU do to respectfully encourage patients and clients to follow through on your suggested therapy plan!


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