12-Point Diagnosis: In the Meantime, Apply For a Chat With Irene Diamond

12-Point Business Diagnostic With Irene Diamond International

Perfect... You're All Set ... So NOW WHAT?

While we wait...

Let's get you off to a Fast Start, Shall We?

Is your practice where you want it to be right now?

The fact that you made it to this page, indicates you're a Go-Getter practitioner, ready to take your practice to an even higher level!

It would be my honor to help you Design Your Dream Practice and we might be able to start right now!

I'm making a few phone "Business Diagnosis" consultations available this month.
Let's have a chat and see if you might be able to double your income, double your time off, double your satisfaction in your biz, AND your happiness!

On Our Call Together, You’ll Discover:

  • EXACTLY where you’re stuck and SPECIFICALLY what is stopping you, or sabotaging you from seeing the level of success you want in your practice.

  • Your SPECIFIC clear vision and your goals for your practice.

  • PRECISELY what you need to do to create a Solid Game Plan so you can move ahead, fast!

Do You Need To:

  1. Make MORE money?
  2. Get MORE clients?
  3. Find a way to leverage your time so you’re not working so MANY LONG HOURS or WORKING SO HARD,


Do You Qualify?

Who Is This Business Diagnosis For?

  • You have been a therapist for at least 1 year and are doing well.
    (Sorry, this is not for you if you’re really struggling and barely scraping by financially)
  • You’ve got a decent list of clients, but are tired of just barely getting by.
  • You consider yourself a talented, competent practitioner, (even if you are new to the industry).
  • You run your business as a REAL business (not a hobby).
  • You have a good reputation in your city, with no ‘skeletons’ in your closet.
  • You want to change your business, with proven systems and programs so it is more consistent, with much less stress.
  • You want to stop driving yourself crazy spinning your wheels, and stop wondering “why isn’t this working?”.
  • You now earn at least $30k/year + but want to start making $50,000-$150,000 annually as you know you deserve.
  • You are already fully booked, generating $50-$150,000, and are now ready to grow your business to the next level but are not sure how to do it. (Maybe you are considering bringing other therapists on board, maybe even opening a second location and transitioning into a role of manager/CEO).
  • You take action and are able to invest financial resources and time in the right opportunities (when they present themselves), to grow your business.
  • You know Now Is The Time for you to finally play full-out to make your business an even bigger success!


This Business Diagnosis is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You are earning LESS THAN $30,000/year or more.
    (If you’re generating less than $30k a year send us an email through this form and ask about my other coaching options or programs that might be a better fit for you now.)
  • You like to dwell in the past, & are slow to make decisions.
  • You do not look to the future and see a world of what is possible.
  • You are slow to analyze options & drag your feet when it’s time to jump.
  • You are looking for a ‘quick fix’ rather than seeing your business as a business.
  • Your life is in a chaotic place right now and you won’t be able to make changes right away.
  • You are a small-thinker, who doesn’t think it’s possible to earn a great income and live a big life!

LIMITED To ONLY 10 people each Month

Apply For Your “Business Diagnosis”:

The application is below.
If you are accepted, we will schedule you for a just-you-and-me private session held over the phone.

I will help you come up with a ‘diagnosis” and a ‘treatment plan’ for your practice.

Only one diagnostic session per person.
(When we are on the call together if I see I can help you, I’ll invite you in. My coaching services are offered in a few formats from short-term work-shops and seminars up to my year-long mentoring program. Together, we can decide what will be best for you and your biz.)

At this time, these Biz Diagnosis sessions are complimentary.

Why Do I Offer A Biz Diagnosis At No Cost To You?


The reason I am providing this service is simple.

It is my mission to help more therapists have a business they love that
generates AT least $5000-$8000 a month, and is fun!

Since I’ve been fortunate to do so well in my private practice, I like to give back to our industry. I am confident that you will find tremendous value from our time together through this coaching session. My goal for you is to get results to maximize your business from this very first call.

Of course, I also know a handful of you will want to continue to have me help you with your business as a mentor — to take what we start while on the phone together and really be sure you hit your financial and personal goals.

(If you want to hire me as your coach, fit my ideal client profile and we have room to take on a new client, we will talk about you becoming a coaching/mentoring client.)


Please be clear…

We BOTH need to be very confident that I can help you.
My goal is to show you how to generate at least $5,000 – $10,000+ MORE each month, with lots of time off.

If I don’t think you can do it, I won’t invite you to become a client!

Hundreds of therapists around the world have been able to establish super-lucrative, soul-satisfying businesses.

Only Apply If:

  1. You meet the qualifications listed above
  2. You are serious about making fast moves


When you work with me, as your mentor — you have me on your side — finally, someone who really cares to see you succeed!


I look forward to supporting your unique business, & helping You Be Brilliant,



Fill out the Questionnaire BELOW:
We will notify you if your application has been accepted.

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