1-Stop Marketing Idea For Massage Therapists


Here is a 1-Stop Marketing Idea For Massage Therapists.

I’ve written a really simple (2 page) special report on how to tie in to a recent article that was published on Huffington Post about the benefits of massage, explaining why your clients should book a session with you as soon as possible.

The information is posted below, and you can Click the link below to save the pdf to your computer, and if you like it, please share it with your colleagues and massage school.


Every practitioner I know says they NEED good marketing info for their blog posts or e-newsletters to clients, but don’t know where to get it.

Are you needing some marketing stuff too?


Here is a super simple, great marketing idea that you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help you with your marketing and writing blog posts, and it’s FREE!
(This is exactly what we’re doing for our San Francisco wellness center’s blog.)

What To Do Now:

  1. Go to this article on the benefits of Massage, that was recently published in the Huffington Post, written by Sarah Klein.


The author, Sarah, has made it really easy for us because she lists out 7 conditions massage can address, and includes links to research with proof for our clients on why they should book a massage (with you) asap to relieve their specific condition.

The author breaks her article into 7 conditions and briefly explains how massage can help:

  • Massage Can Reduce Pain
  • Help You Sleep
  • Ward Off Colds
  • Ease Cancer treatment
  • Alleviate Depression Symptoms
  • Reduce Headaches
  • Reduce Stress.
  1. Take each condition addressed in Sarah’s article and turn each into a single post or article of your own that you write, using each of the sections as an outline for your post.
  2. Make your article really juicy and more personalized (this is the key to even more success) by filling in the post by writing how the topic relates to you personally, or how a client in your own business benefited from massage for the same condition. You will want to also include the scientific proof in your blog post.
  3. Be sure to give credit to the author and publication by quoting her and citing the original piece of course.


EXAMPLE mini sample section of a post we wrote that will be used in our Wellness center’s  blog post:
“According to an article in Huffington Post, “The power of touch seems to help limit headache pain. In a very small 2012 study, 10 male patients with migraine headaches noted
significant pain reduction after neck and upper back massage and manipulation.” In my practice, I have had excellent results with reducing client’s headaches and migraine pain. One of my recent clients was a 28 year old woman who had been experiencing on average eight migraines every month for most of her adult life, and after only 8 sessions, her headaches were all but gone! Plus, I know for myself, as soon as I start to feel the beginnings of a migraine coming on, if I can get 5 minutes of Active Myofascial Therapy into the trigger points causing the symptoms, I will be able to stop a full-blown episode 99% of the time!”


When you break this one article into multiple articles or blog posts, you get more mileage since now you won’t have to come up with a new topic for months! PLUS, when you focus each article on one specific topic, you are more likely to get found through google searches by potential clients looking for the results of that particular condition, as it is more targeted and key-word rich!


I hope you can see how fun (and easy) this will now be for you to use this as a pre-written template to follow. It is totally legal and will really result in some great reading for your clients and referring partners!

Limited Opportunity:

And, if you really want to jump-start your practice, you will want to schedule what I call, a “Business Diagnostic” phone session with me. This is where we take about an hour and I help you figure out a fast-cash path for you and your business. We explore the details of your practice, and discuss what might be ‘broken’ or slowing down your business-growth process, and then (right on the phone call) I will tell you how I would fix it if I were you and if it was my business!


I only provide this Business Diagnostic session for 10 people FREE (at no cost) each month, and starting mid May I will continue to limit it, and be charging $97 for this service. (My usual fee is $500- $1000/session for one-to-one coaching) but I like to give back to the massage community that has allowed me to have a wonderfully full practice, and live a great life-style, so this is my way to do it.


Simply apply for your Business Diagnostic session at:

Now, please post below and let us know which of the 7 conditions YOU work with the most, and share the results you can get for your clients.

About the Author Irene Diamond

Business mentor, Educator and Inspirer to Clinic Owners & Solo Practitioners. Love to hear from you ~ Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Lucy Tomasko says:

    The element of pain reduction or release is the primary reason clients come to me. I use several types of care to reduce or eliminate pain. Still, clients want instant results which is not always attainable in one visit. Or, they are now considering distance to me a hindrance.

    The newest situation is the fact that a clinical service is not the same as a relaxation service. That is, it is not necessarily a full body service. I will suggest an additional half-hour to complete the full body service.

    The most appreciated part of my service is the use of aromatherapy oils. It is simple and significant.

    Thanks for all that you give so freely.

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