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Irene Diamond

San Francisco, CA

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You may be surprised when you read it, as it will seem so simple, however, I want to assure you, the 3 methods I will share with you to double your practice income have worked for me and hundreds of my clients -- and they will work for you too, once you implement them.

But, may we be realistic, though?

Your chance of having the time to read the report you get from me is about 20% and - let's be honest - if you're like most people I coach , you'll read it, BUT your chances of implementing one, two or all three of the methods is even less.

(As an Active Myofascial  Therapist, busy business owner, and mom of 2, I get that your time is extraordinarily valuable.)

Here's the solution:

​If you'd like me to put together a plan for you to easily double your practice's profit, I'd like to do that for you.

The Reality of Growing Your Income

To be fair, the 3-step method you signed up to receive is brilliant. It has made practitioners, thousands of dollars.

However, it might be that what works for other practitioners might not work for you unless it is 'tweaked' to be just right for your EXACT therapy business.

(Since your practice is unique, we are not one-size-fits-all!)

There are a number of things you need to think about when contemplating grown-methods like possibly adding practitioners to work with or under you, creating PRECISE programs and packages, or even increasing your rates.

If you're completely committed to increasing your profits, I'd love to show you exactly how it can be done for your specific wellness practice, when you begin to operate as a Precise Private Practice.

This Won't Work for Everyone

If you are truly wanting to move to the next level then I'd like to provide you with a FREE Diagnostic Session, where I will create with you (at no cost) a step-by-step plan that will determine your practice goals, and find out where you're stuck, and then map out a plan to get you where you want to go.

(Practitioners come to me to quickly transform their practice, and my clients will tell you that I definitely deliver!)

BUT - It takes a real go-getter to get results. You have to be ready to take action immediately and take a huge leap forward (as we can start to generate income immediately). I know that sounds silly, but you'd be amazed at how scary it is for some people to get what they say they want.

What Happens Next?

I only make 10 sessions each month available, as your session is personally with me and I already have a group of clients who I serve. So if this resonates with you, and you'd like my help, click below and apply for your session.

Think about it ... ​this could change everything for you and your business!