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How Do YOU Set YOUR rates? The “Value Paradox”.


Quick post on a COMPLEX issue that confuses so many practitioners when it comes to how to charge for services.

Value Paradox-IreneDiamond.comRates for services vary from practitioner to practitioner, from state to state, across countries, and based on many variables.


When I work with my high-level Dream Practice Mastery Academy members, we create and define their 6 Pillars of Service Offerings.

When determining your rates, you want to take into consideration all the service components you provide, such as single sessions, programs, mini treatments, and the rest.

Price your services on the transformation – the results – the value your clients and patients receive from working with you…

(Do Not set your fees on all the variables that have nothing to do with it! )


This blog post is a simple discussion to support you in your choice of rates and fees.

  • Post below how you came up with your rates/fees.
  • If you need/want help on how to change that, ask questions.

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Irene Diamond says July 5, 2017

You did it the same way most of us did it — figure out our expenses, add a little on top for our ‘salary’ and then secretly hope people will be able to afford us.

Sometimes we are so afraid, we even drop the rate more!

But once we learn the precise way to set our fees, we realize an outcome based practice really is the way to go!

Kathy Saunders says July 5, 2017

Basically, I considered/ projected the expenses of running my business from rent to utilities to communications of various kinds (Internet, phone, marketing) and then planned out my rates accordingly. That was when I worked for time not for the value of the results my clients received. Outcome based practice is the way to go!

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