Seminars & Events

Designed Specifically for Wellness Providers & Clinical Therapists  to Generate High Revenue & Have More Fun... Shall We?

The lessons I teach in my training and seminars come from years of my own personal trial and error experiences.

I'll share what's worked (and not worked) for me in my San Francisco Wellness Center, and for my coaching clients around the world.

PLUS over the years I've investing tens of thousands of dollars into other expert's programs, tutelage and mentorships.

My trainings are available for you to attend either  in person, over the telephone, or through an Internet connection on Computer — you now have the opportunity to learn and study directly from me and the other guest experts I bring on board.

Maybe you need a quick intro to a new business concept, or an in-depth understanding of a complex sales structure — I’ve got lots of juicy nuggets that will literally, transform your ho-hum practice into your Dream Practice.

Attendance for all live events and webinar trainings is by application and interview ONLY

if you'd like to be considered to be one of my students I would love to have the chance to speak with you.

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“Design Your Dream Practice”

(By Invitation Only)

This private  get together is where you and a select few savvy wellness-business owners come together to learn how to Dream, Design & Define your business so you CAN have your Dream Practice, working ONLY with your Dream Clients, working ONLY when and where YOU choose.

This exciting live event has been the secret behind some of the world’s most successful small clinics and practices.
(This event sells out every time since we only have 4-10 people attend. Registration is available on an extremely limited basis.

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Active Myofascial Therapy –
The Diamond Method Training

Active Myofascial Therapy logo

The Active Myofascial Therapy rehabilitation technique is a 7-step system to help you get your patients and clients fast, long-term solutions to their pain and dysfunction.

AMT’s movement and manual-based therapy gives you, the practitioner a solid therapeutic modality that is easy on your body, fun to incorporate into an existing practice, and gets great clinical results.

Your clients will love you for the results you can help them get. Your full practice (& full bank account) will be proof!

(40 hour Certification seminar – Registration is available on an extremely limited basis)
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Virtual Events (Over computer & phone)


irene-thumbnail-smallvideoImage“3-Quick Strategies to Designing Your Dream Practice”

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3-Video Series where I share 3 simple strategy on designing (& having) your dream practice.


GYPWDR-smallest“Grow Your Practice with Doctor Referrals” 

5-module Home Study Audio Course.

From start to finish, the scripts, the strategy, the details of what it takes to establish, mutually beneficial relationships with doctors and other health care providers who can refer their clients and patients to you, while you also can refer to them when appropriate.

This program will give you the foundational components of working with health care providers, and teach you how to:

  • Identify the best doctors that are a match for your practice
  • How to make contact with the health care provider
  • How to know what to send them and how (in the mail, fax, email).
  • Provide the appropriate communication between your care and their practice.

(Registration is currently closed)