Therapists & Wellness Providers:
Want to Know How to Design 
Your Stress-Free &
PROFITABLE Dream Practice?

Irene Diamond
Therapist, Mentor, Speaker, Author

Therapists & Wellness Providers:

Design Your Stress-Free &
PROFITABLE Dream Practice

with Irene Diamond
Therapist, Mentor, Speaker, Author

Therapists & Wellness Providers:
Want to Know How to Design
Your Stress-Free&
PROFITABLE Dream Practice?
Irene Diamond
Therapist, Mentor, Speaker, Author


Want High Revenue & Lot's of Time-Freedom In Your Dream Practice?

🔷More Dream Clients 🔷More Profit
🔷More Happiness!

Matthew Trujillo Owner & Lead Corrective Therapist: Trio Therapy, San Jose, CA

"My practice now averages 23 NEW CLIENTS a month. By applying Irene’s methods I’ve been able to generate more than $35,000 EXTRA to my annual income!”

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Are You Stuck in Your Biz?
Do You Want More?

The Keys to Success are here for you.

If you're ready to take your practice from where you are right now, to even higher levels of Profit, Time-Freedom & Happiness -- let's Do It!

I've mentored hundreds of therapists across the globe & it would be great to support you in simplifying your practice, while generating $5,000- $20,000 in revenue each and every month, too!

There are a few very private coaching options to have me mentor you. The most popular program I founded that you've probably heard others talk about, is the (invitation-only) Dream Practice Mastery Academy that is the secret sauce behind some of today's most successful practitioners.

Click the link below so you can set a time to speak with me. Let's uncover how you might finally see Big Results in your biz.

Hire Irene for Speaking

Need a Presenter or Guest Speaker for Your Next Event, Pod-cast, or Meeting?

Recognized internationally as a straight-forward, filled-with-integrity, business strategist and marketing expert -- I LOVE speaking!

My specialty is providing insight into success strategy for small and solo wellness practitioners.

I deliver presentations chock-filled with high-impact, complex concepts and paradigm-shifts all broken down into bite-sized, easily-digestible chunks.

These unique presentations support “thera-preneurs” to achieve a successful, heart-based therapy or wellness practice, to provide great clinical results for clients and patients, earn great profits and have loads of fun!

Click the link and let us know a bit about your group and your needs and we'll get the process started.

Live & Virtual Events

Study With Me through In-Person & Virtual Business-building Trainings & Seminars.

Designed specifically for wellness providers & clinical therapists, I offer a variety of educational trainings and programs.

Attend in person or over the computer and telephone -- you now have the opportunity to learn and study directly from me.

Maybe you need a quick intro to a new business concept, or an in-depth understanding of a complex sales structure -- I've got lots of juicy nuggets that I teach.

The lessons I teach come from years of my own personal trial and error in my own San Francisco Wellness Center, what's worked and not worked for my coaching clients around the world, PLUS from education I've received from working with my own mentors.

Click the link below to see a schedule of up-coming events.

Am I The Right Mentor For You?

    • You're a Brilliant therapist or practitioner, but just need someone who can help you figure it out?
    • You've got great clinical skills (that get your clients and patients results) but want to touch more people?
    • You know you need to 'market' your practice, but just don't know how or where to start?
    • You are working too many hours and are starting to burn out?
    • You understand your practice is a business and know it takes attention & focus to make it really rock?
    • You crave a great group of other success-driven practitioners who are all reaching higher levels of success?
    • You want accountability to help you accomplish what you set in place to achieve more?
    • You´re looking for solid solutions, clear answers, and easy-to-follow steps to start applying TODAY?
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Want a Mentor with Insight,
Heart, Grit & Truth?

Brilliant Diamonds

Kate SullivanSacramento, California

Since hiring you as my business mentor & coach:

  • ​I RAISED my prices!
  • Scheduled out all my regular clients for my ENTIRE year
  • Negotiated a new, larger office space at below market rate to serve me and my clients at a greater level
  • Outsource tasks I don't want to do (computers, legal, website)
  • Now, I'm working on my languaging of "who I am" and "what I offer" to attract the best DREAM clients
  • Working out how/who I can see and under what terms. I have MORE CLIENTS than I have time for and NOW need to sort how I weed through incoming requests!
Ruth BacklundDeluth, Minnesota

I am extremely grateful for the leadership, coaching, and business advice by being in the Dream Practice Mastery Academy over the past year.

  • Prior to DPMA, I worked 7-days/week, was undercharging for my services, and let my clients run me and my business.
  • Within the 1st 6-months my income INCREASED 50%
  • I have implemented my "Break Free From Your Pain" Program designed to get the best results for my clients
  • Recurring revenue is coming in each month
  • I established referral network with 2 healthcare providers
  • I only work 25-30 hours each week TOTAL
  • I don't work weekends!
  • After 1-year my business income has eclipsed my FULL year income for the past 7 years and I am still working part-time!
Mitchell DiazMiami, Florida

In just one year in the Dream Practice Mastery Academy:

  • I identified my “dream clients” & learned how to communicate my value
  • I increased sales by precisely communicating the value I offer, rather than just discounting my price
  • I took control of my schedule and now only work when I want and have lots of free time to play.
  • I now am an action taker and less of a procrastinator. I am accountable for my results
  • You opened my mind to the world of business and marketing. (You have a proven track record and really care about MY success).
  • I DOUBLED my income from a previous $25k to easily over $60k (with much more room for growth!)

Find Out Where Your Biz Is Stuck & How To Easily Fix it!